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       The Latest Happenings

In July, our Aiea home once again had the pleasure of the monthly visit by volunteers from the U.S. Navy.  They guided some of the residents through some challenging puzzles along with a nice workout just like the Navy Seals.  It usually takes a lot of motivation to get Mr. Takane involved with the routines but when led by some tough guys from the U.S. Navy, Mr. Takane was "all in"!! 
Everyone was getting into the spirit of exercise including 103 year old Mrs. Tsutomi who hit the living room volleyball court with her usual vigor and intensity.

In June, the Hokule'a returned to Oahu after sailing around the world.  Papa George, who loves the Hawaiian culture, had been following the voyage of the Hokule'a so Jaymie made sure he experienced their homecoming!

Also in June, after popular demand, Carlene asked the K9 Therapets to return to our Aiea Home with their furry friends, Max and Logan.  They fortunately returned and most of our residents really perked up in the company of these trained and certified "comfort dogs".  Many of the residents, stimulated by the presence of the dogs, became very eager to share their own "dog stories" with everyone.  We learned more about the many residents that had been dog lovers all their lives including Mrs. Oto who raised many dogs while living in Japan.  Kathleen, who had been very apprehensive with the dogs on their first visit, showed a much warmer attitude toward the dogs on their second visit.  The whole event was fun and stimulating.  We hope to do it again at Aiea and have them also visit our Waialae home.

As always, we welcome your comments regarding our activities and encourage you to share with us your ideas for future events.  Thank you for all your help and support that make this "a home away from home!"

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