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       The Latest Happenings

Hi everybody!  Thanks for checking out the latest happenings at our Aiea Heights and Waialae Senior Living Homes. 

The first notable thing that's happening at Aiea Heights SL is a little bit of fixing going on.  It will hopefully not disrupt the daily routine of our residents too much. The noise should last for only couple of weeks.  Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. We all hope it will be worth the wait.

Carlene is working as hard as usual stressing the importance of activities in keeping everyone's minds exercised in conjunction with their bodies.  
Here you can see two of our new family members at Aiea, Sue (left) and Doris (right) hard at work.  They very quickly discovered each other and have since become great friends.  

This is Laura who is a Japan Ikebana Master.  Carlene brought flowers from her personal garden at home and the staff helped out by picking flowers and plants from the grounds at Aiea.  Laura set the tone and led by example while many others joined in. 
Mrs. Mitsunaga joined in and shows off her creativity and artistry while Sue's big smile (below) tells everyone that Ikebana is Fun, Fun, Fun!!

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