Our All-inclusive Services

These are just some of our many services we provide as part of the monthly rates:

  • 24 hour supervision, 7 days per week
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Basic toiletries are provided (but does not include incontinence briefs and disposable bed pads)
  • Cleaning & maintenance of residents’ rooms and common areas
  • We provide and maintain all bedding supplies unless the resident may wish to use their personal blanket or pillow, etc.
  • Daily resident laundry service
  • Three nutritious meals daily and between-meal snacks (monitored by a licensed dietitian and modified to each resident’s MD specifications - this does not include special supplements such as Ensure or Glucerna)
  • Existing items can be deleted from and new items can be added to our menus based on popular demand 
  • Monitor all resident medications (administer, order, get MD verification)
  • Do daily weight and blood pressure checks to monitor health changes
  • Communicate continuously with Health Care Providers and therapy services
  • Arrange & coordinate visits to health care providers when necessary
  • We provide CNA escorts to and from resident’s doctor visits (this does not include the cost of transport)
  • Our RN can do blood draws in our home and send samples to the lab (avoiding lab visits)
  • Waialae Renal can perform both Hemo & Peritoneal Dialysis in our home (avoiding multiple weekly visits to the Dialysis Center
  • Daily exercise and activities at least twice daily (Wellness Program)
  • Celebrations for special occasions and holidays
  • Ongoing communication with family members